3 Ways To Fight Back Against Fugitive Emission Leaks

Fugitive emissions are bad for your company's bottom line, and they are bad for the environment. Fugitive emissions help contribute to the decline of air quality and the ozone layer. Your company can take active steps that will help reduce the fugitive emissions that your company releases into the environment.

#1 Change Out Valves

Change out all of the old valves that your company uses. Old valves are a huge contributor to fugitive emissions leaks. Many old values were not designed to be as tight and effective as valves made today.

Keep in mind that changing out old valves is often not simply a case of swiping out an old valve for a new one. You are going to need to inspect and test the valves, to figure out which ones are leaking the most and need to be replaced the most urgently. Then, you are going to have to find a suitable replacement valve. If the valves within your business are really old, you may not be able to swap out an old valve for a new valve; you may have to make additional modifications, in order to use the new valves, which may be set up differently than the ones you currently have in place.

#2 Check The Installation

While you are figuring out which valves need to be replaced, you also need to check and make sure that all of your valves are installed correctly. You may find valves that are leaking just need to be reinstalled correctly in order to fix the issue. For example, the valve may be installed vertically, when it needs to be installed horizontally, in order to work effectively and prevent leaks.

#3 Set Up a Maintenance Program

If you company doesn't already have one, you need to set up a maintenance program for taking care of your valves. This maintenance program should focus on making sure that all valves are installed properly and that they are fitted properly. With a maintenance program, you should be able to tighten and fix valves, before they start leaking and releasing fugitive emissions into the environment. A well set up maintenance program will help you take better care of your facilities and will help you reduce your business overall impact on the environment.

Fugitive emissions management is essential to protect the environment. Reduce leaks within your business by changing out old valves, checking and making sure that all valves are installed properly in order to prevent leaks, and set up a maintenance program to keep everything running smoothly and leak free.