Keys To Successfully Using Turntable Wrapping Machines

Turntable wrapping machines exist to make wrapping materials to pallets a streamlined process. If you've just purchased this machine to aid wrapping operations, study these protocols so that you can use this machine safely and effectively.

Find a Stable Setup Location

Once your turntable wrapping machine arrives from a supplier, you need to figure out where it's going to go. This will dictate how effective and safe this machine is to use each time you wrap materials to pallets. You can't go wrong with a stable location, meaning the ground conditions are sturdy and flat.

These conditions will keep the turntable wrapping machine stable while it operates. This is particularly important if the wrapping machine is on its fastest speed setting because there will be a lot of movement that needs to be accounted for. A stable surface keeps tipping from ever happening. 

Keep a Safe Distance

When a turntable wrapping machine is operational, it's important that you and others keep a safe distance. The platform will be rotating and that creates a potential safety hazard you need to account for when securing materials to pallets.

Probably the best way you can ensure everyone around this machine keeps a safe distance is setting up some sort of barrier. For instance, guard rails can be placed around the turntable wrapping machine. As long as they're placed the correct distance from the turntable wrapping machine, you shouldn't have to worry about people around the worksite getting hit by this practical machine.

Turn Machine Off Until It's Needed

There probably will be portions in the day when you won't need to rely on the turntable wrapping machine. During these windows, make sure you keep the machine powered off. This will ensure the machine doesn't unexpectedly turn on and hurt someone that walks by.

Turning the machine off also keeps your electricity costs from going up. You won't have to pay for energy when the turntable wrapping machine isn't being used. Some turntable wrapping machines are so advanced that they come with an auto power-off feature. That's helpful because even if you forget to power this machine off manually, it will automatically shut down after a period of inactivity.

Materials are much easier to secure to pallets when you invest in a reliable and advanced turntable wrapping machine. It can do you a lot of good to study this machine and get used to operational protocols. Then this machine will remain a valuable asset around your worksite. To buy turntable wrapping equipment, contact a supplier.